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5 Great Laundry Tips for Big Families

One of the many challenges of having a big family is making sure that everyone gets fresh, clean garments and sheets whenever they need them. Unless you want it to pile up into a mountain every weekend, homemakers have to think of creative and innovative ways to keep their laundry needs under control. If you’re one of these homemakers, here are some laundry tips to make sure you’re always 100% efficient.

1. Avoid adding more white to your inventory.

The less stains you have to worry about, the better. Whites are a hazard especially if you have growing kids running out and about. No one and nothing is safe with growing children in the house. Spare yourself the headache and paranoia and just settle for safe for now!

2. Prepare accessible sorting baskets around the house.

Have one for lights, darks, and delicates. If it helps, mark or name the baskets so there’s no excuse for shooting the wrong type of clothing in the hamper.

3. Place a chore calendar in the kitchen.

Make sure everyone has their assigned color or push pin that you can use to easily mark any designated chores. The goal is to make the calendar visible and easily accessible to everyone. Everyone must have an equal division of chores/colors. In a big house, chores are more manageable when everyone contributes! Also, having the calendar would make it easier to schedule your laundry days – no complaining that your favorite sweaters/pajamas aren’t clean yet.

4. RnR what’s in your closet?

When was the last time you checked what was in everyone’s closet? Are all the clothes being used or do more than half of them remains untouched? During a day when everyone’s home, assemble the crew and tell them to review and recycle what’s in their closet. If they see themselves using it in the next week, keep it. Are you keeping it because of sentiment? Will you be able to use it at all? Maybe it’s better to recycle some pieces of clothing or better yet, pass it on to those who can really use them (a baby’s hand-me-down clothes are a great gift!).

5. Make it a fun activity for all.

Like any other chore, doing the laundry can be a very tiresome and tedious activity. However, in your home, maybe you can redefine what chores are. Doing chores shouldn’t be a punishment, but a privilege. It can be a game or a bonding activity among family members – a time that all of you can look forward to.

But of course, we know there will be times when even the best laid-out plans are skipped during hectic days/weeks. Laundry hills become inevitable in anyone’s home, much more for a big family. Thankfully, you can give yourself a break and let the experts do the rest. With just a click or a phone call, you can afford yourself some free time and a worry off your chest with an excellent and trusted laundry service. 

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