WashRoom Laundry service is available for all your laundry needs – from washable garments to washable household items such as blankets to comforters, casual and fancy table linens and more. All of your garments are spot cleaned.

Washable garments that require expert finishing are laundered, starched to your preference, pressed and either hung or boxed as requested. Our Wash & Fold services are also available for your daily laundry needs. Less expensive items are laundered, folded and packaged.

Our shirt service guarantees a ‘ready-to-wear’ shirt with clean, crisp collars & cuffs: a professional finish that will make you look and feel your best. Our professional shirt laundering gives you whiter whites, bolder colors.

If you are asking yourself, “where is the best Charlotte laundry near me?”, you are asking the wrong question.  You should be asking, “how do I get my laundry done without leaving home?”

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Laundry Service in Charlotte, NC