Clean Towels | The washroomThe WashRoom Laundry Service provides superior salon and/or barber laundry towel service. We understand the laundry needs of salons and/or barber shops. There is nothing like enjoying the pampering that comes when sitting in the chair of professional stylist. While your job is to make your customer feel relaxed, The WashRoom Laundry Service has a job to keep the towels clean, fluffy, and ready to use for our customer’s clients.

Towels are an investment. When you run a business that relies on clean, fresh-smelling towels, it’s essential to find a way to prolong their life. In the salon and/or barber business where clients come in contact with towels, you need to keep them looking good and smelling great. After all, the state of your towels speaks volumes about your business. The WashRoom laundry Service can ensure that you always have fresh, fluffy and clean towels readily available. We can even do your capes and smocks!

From full-size owner-operated hair salons and barber shops and everything in between, we are the most responsive and cost-competitive salon/barber linen service in Charlotte.

We can offer custom folding then unpack your clean linens and place your linens directly on your shelves. Your salon and/or barbershop service is only as good as your clean towels; leave that to The WashRoom Laundry Service.

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