Finding a good shoe repair shop is as important as finding a good mechanic … or a good Dry Cleaner! They are true artists and take great pride in their work with all types of leather and shoes. Whether you have a hole in your shoe, broke the heel to a shoe or need general shoe repair, you can count on our shoe repair services. By getting your shoes repaired The WashRoom, you will be able to prolong the life of your shoe, and wear it for years to come. The cost of replacing shoes, boots or leather products can be expensive compared to repairing them. We recommend “repairing” your favorite boots, shoes, purses, belts and luggage before going out and buying new ones.

UGG sheepskin boots, keep your feet warm and comfortable … and you may never want to take them off. However, al of the wear will lead to dirt, grime and odor. You may be tempted to toss your investment into your washing machine. This is a BIG no-no leading to irreparable damage.

We offer shoe repair, cleaning and shining, leather repair, boot repair, luggage repair and more. Our offering includes:

  • Quality Heels & Soles
  • Straps & Buckles
  • Velcro & elastic
  • Shoe Stretching
  • Shoes Shined
  • Stitching

Let us repair (or as we like to say … Recycle) your shoes today!

Ugg Boots Repair in Charlotte, NC Winter Boot Repair & Cleaning in Charlotte, NC