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You're running a business, and there's no time to spare. Whether you're an entrepreneur or work at a dry cleaning drop store, mobile laundry service, or any other type of facility that offers on-site laundering, The Washroom Laundry Service is here to help you save time and cut the stress out of providing your customers with top-notch dry cleaning and laundry services. We will help your business by providing wholesale dry cleaning and laundry services.

The consumer convenience industry is changing, and we're ready to change with it. That's why we're offering you a partnership opportunity; we want to help you be more successful in the business of providing on-site laundry services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Protect Your Brand

A professional appearance is the first step to securing lasting relationships with your customers. When you outsource your laundry services, you can rest easy knowing that every garment will be handled by professionals working within our best practices. That means no more worrying whether or not stains will come out of your client's clothing, and no more worrying about your brand staying professional.

Increase Productivity

When you take control of all the aspects of your business, it's incredibly difficult to be successful at everything. When you partner with The Washroom Laundry Service, you'll have the opportunity to increase productivity by focusing on what you do best. Allow us to manage dry cleaning and laundry services for your business, and watch your productivity soar.

Increase Revenue

As a partner with The Washroom Laundry Service, you not only have the opportunity to increase revenue by streamlining operations, but also by increasing productivity. Best of all, you can do this without having to spend any additional funds on equipment or staff.


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Save Time & Money

Producing your own on-site laundry services means dealing with everyday tasks like sorting, cleaning, and garment repairs. By outsourcing to The Washroom Laundry Service, you'll save time because all you'll have to do is call when you need the job done; we take care of everything else. You can even save money by taking advantage of the wholesale dry cleaning and laundry prices we offer.

Laundry and dry cleaning drop stores, mobile laundry services, and other types of facilities that offer on-site laundering often outsource their laundry and dry cleaning services because it's a great backup for larger facilities with on-site laundry and downtimes in between jobs. Partnering with The Washroom Laundry Service will not only ease the stress of providing these services, but it will help you save time and cut costs as well.

Our Capacity is HUGE!

We understand the importance of having clean and pressed garments ready for your customers, and we work hard to meet that demand. Our facilities can handle wash, dry, and fold services for up to 5K pounds per day, and up to 2k pounds per day for dry cleaning. We also offer same-day services, free pick-up and delivery, daily collections, and more!

Why Work With Us?

By partnering with The Washroom Laundry Service, you'll get the chance to work with a capable, locally-owned business that truly cares about its customers. We aim to make our customers happy in every possible way. That's why we offer excellent customer service, affordable prices, and an unmatched commitment to excellence.

Our commitment to providing our clients with only the best laundry and dry cleaning services has helped us build an impressive reputation across Charlotte and surrounding areas.  Our work speaks for itself. We take pride in what we do, so you can feel confident knowing that your clothes will be handled by manufacturers' recommended best practices.  We are committed to helping you save time and money, which is why we invite you to partner with us today for wholesale dry cleaning and laundry services.

Ready To Put Our Experience To Work For You?

To learn more about how The Washroom Laundry Service can work for your business, just give us a call at (704) 967-9237 or contact us here on our website.