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Pricing is $2 per pound for our wash and fold service or if you schedule a weekly pickup, there is a flat rate option of $35 for a small bag of laundry and $45 for the large bag.

There is a missed pickup fee: $10. Feel free to call us at 704-967-9237 and we will be happy to help you reschedule.

No, there is no contract or long-term commitment for our services.

No. Pickup and delivery are absolutely free!

Yes, there is a minimum order for Dry Cleaning: $30

You do not have to be home for a pickup. You can leave your garments outside on your porch or outside of your door. If there is a garage or garage code, you can leave that in the notes section on your account.
You do not have to be home for your laundry delivery. We will leave your garments at your front door or in your garage if you provide a garage code in your account notes. You can also leave a message for us to hold your delivery for another time.
You can leave a note in your account to reschedule, or you can give us a call at 704-967-9237 and we will be happy to help you reschedule.
Yes! We can deliver to your home or your place of business. We also offer free pickup and delivery for your convenience.
No, everyone's clothes are sorted, separated, and processed separately.
No, we will sort your clothes when they arrive at our shop.
No, your garments are weighed after they've been washed and dried.
Yes, all clothes are washed, dried, and folded.
Absolutely! After your first pickup, you will receive a complimentary Washroom Laundry bag for subsequent pickups and deliveries.

If you happen to lose your laundry bag, give us a call and let us know. We will provide you with another bag.(Lost Laundry bag: $8)

At The Washroom Laundry Service, We use an eco-friendly commercial laundry detergent or an unscented hypoallergenic detergent

Yes, we offer wash and fold on the weekends. If your order is picked up prior to 1:00 PM, it will be returned on the same day. All other orders will be returned the following day.

Pickups are scheduled daily until 2:00 PM. If you need a same-day pickup, contact us on or before 11:30 AM.

Yes, if you specify that you want your wash and fold garments returned on hangers we'll accommodate.
Yes, you will receive a text message to let you know that your garments have been picked up, and you will also receive a text message when your garments have been delivered.
No, there's no need to call every time you need our service. You can conveniently schedule a pick-up online using your Washroom Laundry Service account.
Yes, we offer 15% off your next order of $25 or more for referrals. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Dry Cleaning FAQs

All dry cleaning orders have a 48-hour turnaround except on Thursday and Friday. Pickups made on Thursday will be returned the following Monday, and pickups made on Friday will be returned the following Tuesday, with the exception of holidays.
Unfortunately, some stains are not able to be removed, but we work really hard to remove most stains.
Yes, we care about our environment so we pride ourselves on using products that are environmentally friendly that will make sure your garments look and feel great!
Yes, all dry clean garments are returned on hangers.
Yes, you will receive a text message to let you know that your dry cleaning has been picked up and you will also receive a text message when your garments have been delivered.

Dry cleaning services have a $30 minimum. If your total is less than $30, you will be charged $30.

Items in the wash & fold bags get treated like regular laundry – washed, dried, and beautifully folded.
Items in the Launder-press & dry cleaning should be sent in your Dry Cleaning Bag. Garments returned on hangers.

Laundry Delivery FAQs


*$25 Minimum Order

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