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10 Laundry Mistakes and How To Avoid Them!

There are a lot of different ways to do laundry. What is the best way? Well, it depends on your lifestyle and what you prefer. Some people like to use cold water only in the washing machine while others want hot water with bleach or vinegar added in for extra disinfecting power. The important thing is that you should always follow the instructions on the label when using any products such as detergents and fabric softeners so you don’t accidentally ruin your clothes by ruining their chemical balance. Below are 10 laundry mistakes that people often make when they do their laundry – these mistakes can lead to ruined clothes!

10 Common Laundry Mistakes

1. Not sorting your clothes according to color

This may seem like common sense when it comes to the basics of how to do laundry, but it is worth mentioning nonetheless. Washing clothes in a load that has mixed colors can easily cause dye transfer and even ruin clothes! This happens when darker and lighter clothes rub against each other in the washing machine and the chemicals from one color seep into another causing your whites to turn gray and your darks to turn light.

2. Putting too much detergent in the wash

Putting too much laundry detergent into the wash will cause it to go to waste as it doesn’t dissolve completely and can lead to soap residue being left on your clothes. To make sure you don’t waste it, always use the amount of detergent suggested on the package!

3. Using too much bleach or fabric softener

Another common laundry mistake is using too much bleach or fabric softener can lead to ruined clothes and this is definitely something everyone should try to avoid. Sometimes people think that using more of a product will get better results and sometimes they even think it will get rid of stains better, but this is never the case. Keep in mind that fabric softeners and bleach are strong chemicals and too much can lead to damage!

4. Not checking pockets for coins, keys, and other items before putting them into the wash

Keys, coins, hairpins, and other sharp objects can easily damage your clothes. The best way to avoid this is by checking pockets before putting clothing in the wash to make sure there are no items that could potentially tear through them. This will not only help protect your clothes but also protect you from getting injured – who wants to be stabbed with a sharp object while they are doing laundry?

5. Not washing embellished garments inside out

Embroidery and embellishments can easily become snagged and damaged by rubbing against other garments, causing them to snag, tear, or even fall off. The best way to avoid this is to wash those types of clothes inside out so the embellishments aren’t exposed to other fabrics during the wash cycle.

6. Not Unbuttoning Shirts Before You Wash Them

We can’t tell you how many times we’ve heard about or personally seen the front of a shirt get torn off due to buttons catching during the wash cycle, or loose threads around the buttonholes over time. The best way to avoid this common laundry mistake is by unbuttoning your shirts before putting them into the washer and always checking pockets for any items that could damage the shirt!

7. Leaving zippers unzipped

This mistake is easy to make, especially if you are in a hurry or have something else to take care of while waiting for the wash cycle to finish up. Leaving zippers unzipped can lead to them catching during the cycle and damaging your clothes so it is always best practice to zip them up before putting the item into the machine!

8. Not checking your garment labels before laundering

Each brand’s washing instructions are different. Different labels require different care and not reading the label for proper instructions can lead to damage or shrinkage in your clothes! Always check your garment labels before putting them into the wash. The label will tell you how to treat stains, what temperature to wash at, and much more helpful information about how best to take care of your clothes!

9. Not checking the lint trap on your dryer for clogged lint after every use

This is another common laundry mistake that we’ve seen many people make. Leaving lint in the dryer can lead to a fire hazard, lint is highly combustible, and dryers produce high temperatures. Not only is this a serious fire hazard, but it can also do damage to your clothes. For example, dryer lint can clog the pores of your garments over time and cause fading or discoloring.

A clean dryer lint trap can also help you save money on your energy bills: If a thick layer of lint builds up on the screen, the dryer has to work harder, increasing your energy costs. Cleaning out the dryer’s lint filter allows more air to escape through the exhaust vent, which improves efficiency.

Keep your dryer running longer: Any time you can relieve the machine’s stress, it will last longer. This cuts down on emergency repairs and extends the appliance’s life. Always check the lint trap after each load!

10. Not using the proper settings for every type of fabric

Every fabric requires different care when it comes to washing and drying. Using the correct setting can be an easy way to help protect your clothes from becoming damaged! Delicate fabrics are more likely to become snagged, tangled, or torn on other clothes during the wash cycle. Make sure you always read labels, check pockets for items that might damage your clothes, and always use the delicate setting for washing your fragile clothing!

Overwhelmed By Laundry? A Laundry Delivery Service Can Help

We all know that laundry can be a pain. It’s one of those never-ending chores that we always put off until it piles up and sometimes begins to smell like moldy socks or old gym clothes. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by the task, an easy solution is hiring someone else to do your laundry for you. With so many options out there these days, finding a good professional laundry service provider who will deliver fresh clean clothes straight to your door should not be difficult at all!

But before you sign on with any company, make sure they are reputable and have experience in dealing with delicate pieces such as embellished garments or clothes that require special care. Also, make sure the company you choose has received good reviews from customers who have used their service more than once.

The Washroom Laundry Service Is An Excellent Alternative

The Washroom Laundry Service is a great option for busy people who want their clothes cleaned quickly and conveniently while avoiding these common laundry mistakes. Having years of experience in the industry, we take care to protect your clothes and we treat them like we would treat our own clothes!

The best thing about using our laundry delivery service is that we provide free pickup and delivery for all of our customers in the Charlotte area! If you are tired of doing laundry, don’t know how to do laundry correctly, or you just don’t have the time or energy to deal with it, let us take that chore off your hands and you won’t be disappointed.  Contact us at (704) 967-9237 or conveniently schedule an appointment online.

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