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How To Do Laundry Fast! 7 Genius Hacks Everyone Should Be Using

Knowing how to do laundry fast will save you time and energy. Who doesn’t want that? Besides, doing your laundry within a short period of time makes this tedious task seem less daunting. So, if laundry has been taking almost the whole of your day, here are 7 laundry tips that will ensure you complete the chore faster than ever before.

1. Use Multiple Pre-Sorted Laundry Baskets

When you have your dirty laundry pre-sorted, you’ll be ready to go the moment you start washing. This will save you time from having to sort through your dirty clothes when you’re in a rush.

Have a basket for white clothes, light-colored clothes, one for dark-colored clothes, and one for jeans or other heavy clothing items. With this assortment, you won’t have to rummage through a pile of clothes to find what you’re looking for.

If you live with others, it would be helpful to have different colored laundry baskets. This way, everyone in the house knows which basket is for their clothes. You can also label the baskets if that works better for you. Make sure to keep your laundry baskets in the laundry room so you’re ready to go.

2. Schedule Your Laundry Days

How often should you wash your clothes? Weekly, daily, or whenever you feel in the mood? Washing clothes too often can ruin them, but not washing them enough can cause them to start smelling. Try to come up with a schedule for your laundry day that works for you.

If you have a lot of clothes, you might want to wash them every other day or every three days. If you only have a few items, you can get away with washing them once a week. Just ensure you don’t allow your clothes to form a huge pile, because this will make the task more daunting, and you’ll be less likely to want to wash them.

Another tip is to do your laundry at the same time every week. This will help you develop a routine so that it doesn’t feel like such a chore.

3. Regularly Clean Your Dryer Vents

Your dryer vents will work better and last longer if you regularly clean them. You should do this task at least once a year, but if you have pets or there is lint in your house, you may need to do it more often.

Cleaning your dryer vents will also help your clothes dry faster and prevent them from getting damaged. It’s a good idea to check your vent before each load of laundry to see if it needs to be cleaned.

A clogged dryer will need to work harder to dry your clothes, which can lead to higher energy bills and even a fire. If you notice that your clothes take longer to dry, or if the outside of your dryer is hot, it’s probably time to clean your vent. Take your time to learn how to clean your dryer vents, so they work more efficiently and last longer.

4. Wash Clothes on the Fastest Wash Cycle

Have you tried skipping the normal cycle settings for a faster wash cycle? For faster washing time, consider this method instead.

Wash your clothes on the fastest cycle possible while still ensuring that they come out clean with no stains left. This could save you around 15 to 30 minutes per load, which can add up to a significant amount of time over the course of a year.

If you have clothes with delicate fabric that require a gentler cycle, then obviously, you’ll want to stick with the gentle or delicate cycle. But for most fabrics, the fastest cycle should do the trick. Take your time to learn when to use the normal or faster wash cycle for a better laundry experience.

5. Speed Up Your Drying Time

After your clothes have been washed, it’s time to dry them. This can be the most time-consuming part of doing laundry, but there are a few things you can do to speed up the process.

One way to speed up the drying process is to use a higher heat setting. But if you’re worried about your clothes getting damaged, then there’s another method you can try.

Add dry bath towels or dryer balls to your dryer load. The towels will help absorb moisture, while the dryer balls will help fluff up your clothes and circulate air better. This will help your clothes dry faster.

6. Set a Reminder For Your Clothes in the Washing Machine

If you leave your wet clean laundry for too long, it will start to mildew. So, it’s important that you set a reminder for your clothes in the washing machine.

You can use a timer or an alarm on your phone to remind you to take your clothes out of the washer. Or, you can write a note and put it where you’ll see it.

Make a rule of not leaving your clothes for too long in the washing machine or a dryer. Always set the timer the moment you put your clothes in the dryer, so you’re reminded to rotate the load.

7. Use a Professional Laundry Delivery Service

If you’re looking for a convenient way to get your laundry done, consider using a professional laundry delivery service. You’ll save time and hassle, and you can have your laundry delivered right to your doorstep. This means you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself.

There are many laundry delivery services to choose from, so take your time to find one that’s right for you.

Some will even pick up your laundry from your home or office. And most services offer various package options, so you can customize the laundry service to fit your needs.

Be sure to also read reviews before selecting a laundry delivery company, so you can be sure you’re getting quality service.

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