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Laundry Service For Seniors! Unparalleled Help When Caring For Elderly Parents

Staying in one’s home is important for many people as they grow older. In fact, a survey from 2018 of people 50 and older showed 76% wanted to continue to live in their current homes. Remaining at home, though, may present challenges for seniors and their families. However, for caregivers of the elderly and aging parents, services such as light housekeeping and laundry service for seniors can make your jobs easier and your loved ones’ lives better.

Challenges In Caring For The Elderly

If you have a senior relative living at home whom you care for, you’re not alone. In fact, the majority of seniors living at home get assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) from unpaid adult children or spouses instead of paid home care services. Unfortunately, by having family provide help for seniors with daily tasks, stress can build, causing relationship problems. Plus, adult children may need to care for their own families, increasing the strain they feel in their daily lives. In fact, in a survey of caregivers, 14.5% reported at least 14 days during the preceding month of feeling mentally unhealthy. And 17.6% had the same number of physically unwell days.

Clearly, if you are helping an elderly loved one, you know that caregiving presents challenges to your mental and physical health. Therefore, finding ways to make caring for your loved ones easier can help everyone involved.

What Is A Laundry Delivery Service?

Our laundry delivery services at The Washroom Service include pickup, washing, drying, and folding. We clean clothes and household washables, such as linens, chair covers, and more. With our delivery service, you simply schedule a pickup online. Next, wait for a confirmation. Third, leave out your laundry. Finally, wait for us to get the job done in 48 hours. We can also pick up and deliver dry cleaning, too.

You don’t have any delivery or pickup fees, contracts, or long-term commitments. You can have your loved ones’ laundry cleaned weekly, bi-weekly, or whenever they need their clothing washed, dried, and folded. The convenience of laundry delivery makes it a popular option for people of all ages. Those with and without the need to care for elderly loved ones take advantage of it regularly.

How Can A Laundry Delivery Service Help The Elderly and Aging Parents?

Doing laundry can be a challenging chore for the elderly. For instance, heavy clothes can be difficult to lift into a washing machine or to transfer from a washer to a dryer. However, you cannot allow them to not have clean clothes because soiled clothing could be unhealthy by spreading illness-causing germs.

Family caregivers may not have the time to dedicate to washing, drying, folding, and putting away their elderly loved ones’ clothing. To find a balance, consider a laundry delivery service. Your loved ones can get clean clothing, bedding, and towels. All you have to do is make sure the dirty laundry is in the designated pickup spot.

The Convenience of Laundry Delivery

Laundry delivery means that you don’t have to take your elderly parent or senior loved ones’ laundry home. Nor do you need to go to a laundromat for cleaning. Their clothes get washed with hypoallergenic detergent, dried, and folded. They have clean laundry on hand. By wearing freshly laundered clothes, they can feel clean and stay healthy. This service takes one chore off your plate to make caring for your aging loved ones a little easier. Plus, it can help them to remain independent longer.

Trust us at The Washroom Laundry Service to provide your loved ones with the delivery of their laundry that they need to remain independent. For more information about our laundry service for seniors and how to set up delivery, contact us today.

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